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PTR Programs - GPT - PTR - PTC - GPTR - GPTRE - PTC - PTP - PTSU - NPA - PO - PP - EG ???

So many short terms, so many abbreviations. It could be a little overwhelming for the uninitiated at first. On this page you will find a summary of the most frequently used abbreviations, their meanings and some additional background information.
GPT - ‘Get Paid To’
GPT means Get Paid To, and it is the most commonly used abbreviation. People often speak of the GPT industry, or the GPT community. In general a GPT Program can be any type of program that offers their members cash rewards for performing simple online tasks, such as visiting websites, or by completing online offers. Most of the several different GPT programs basically have their own abbreviations. A good example of a GPT program is a PTR or a PTC Program.

PTR - ‘Paid To Read’
PTR is the term used for the programs that pay their members to receive their emails. Other terms are GPTR - ‘Get Paid To Read’ or GPTRE - ‘Get Paid To Read Email’. Some would say Get Paid To Visit Websites would have been a better name, because users are eventually getting paid after visiting the advertised website. However, reading the advertisement text that comes with the emails is important. It is written by an advertiser, and without advertisers there wouldn’t be any emails to read.

PTC - ‘Paid To Click’

PTC programs are very similar to PTR programs. The only difference is that they don’t send you email. In order to earn money you’ll have to log-in to the members area, and click on the banners provided there. Besides the PTC programs, many PTR programs also have a PTC feature. In your account menu you might find a PTC section, where you can get paid additional money or points, to click banners.

PTP - ‘Paid To Promote’
Paid to Promote is often an extra possibility to earn even more money from a PTR program. What it basically comes down to, is that members are getting paid to send visitors to a special promotion page. If a ptr has a PTP feature you should be able to find a personal PTP link in the PTP area. For every visitor you send using that link, you will receive credits. These credits are exchanged to cash often per 1000. Usually 1000 credits are worth something between $0.60 and $1.20. The amount of credits you accumulate per visitor depends on the origin of the traffic. A visit from China would be worth less credits then a visit from the United States or Canada.

PTSU - ‘Paid To Sign Up’
PTSU could be part of a PTR program, but there are also independent PTSU programs that pay you to complete offers. In PTR programs you can often be paid to sign up for other PTR programs. The bonus for signing up will be added in your account once you are confirmed. The PTSU programs often have a enormous diversity of offers. Some examples are: subscribing to newsletters, completing surveys, sending e-cards, ordering samples etc.

General GPT abbreviations.

NPA - New Program Alert.
NPA is a frequent term used by promoters to indicate that a certain program is new.
CPM - Cost Per 1000. The M in CPM is Latin for One-thousand. CPM means Costs Per one thousand. Usually the cost for 1000 impressions.
CPC - Cost Per Click. This refers to the cost associated with each click.
PPC - Pay Per Click.
Advertiser are paying money for visitors to their website. They are paying a certain amount of money, per click.

CTR - Click Through Rate.
The amount of clicks versus the amount of impressions, expressed as a percentage.
ROI - Return On Invested capital.
A quantitative analysis of investments, and the resulting returns.

PO - Program Owner.
A PO is a webmaster (WM) who operates one or more GPT Programs.
PP - PayPal.
This is the payment processor that is most often used in the PTR industry.

EG - Egold.

Another important payment processor often used in the GPT industry


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